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Question about Rue Mohrfels
Auteur: math1985 (IP enregistrée)
Date: 17-04-2012 23h32

Again I have a question on how a road should be displayed on Openstreetmap.

My question is about the road that starts at the intersection of Rue Laurent Menager, Rue Sosthene Weis and Montee de Pfaffenthal, and from there goes down to Rue Mohrfels.

I wonder what is the status of this road. Is this road open for cars? If yes, for all cars, or only for residents (riverains)?

If it is open for all cars, is it allowed to go down this road, and then turn left or right into Rue Mohrfels (for non-residents)?

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  Question about Rue Mohrfels 353 math1985 17-04-2012 23h32

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